WordPress Support: 3 Common Problems And How To Fix Them

a hand with the WordPress logoUsing WordPress is fairly easy, but like any content management system, it doesn’t come without its problems. WordPress users often encounter the same problems time and time again.

Here are three of the most commonly encountered problems as well as some possible solutions to help you resolve these issues yourself.

Common Issues And How To Fix Them

500 Internal Server Error

Easily the most commonly encountered problem, the 500 Internal Server Error doesn’t give WordPress users much direction or guidance as to how to fix their problem or what the problem really is. The truth is that it can be caused by a wide variety of issues. This is actually true for most WordPress problems that you might encounter.

What are some possible causes of this problem? The most common cause of the 500 error is easy to locate and diagnose. It often comes from a corrupted file known as the .htaccess file. You can test this by locating the file, renaming it, and attempting to access the website again. If the problem is gone, then you know is the .htaccess file. Otherwise, it was coming from somewhere else.

Random Maintenance Mode

Have you ever attempted to access your WordPress site only to see a screen talking about “scheduled maintenance”? This is known as the maintenance mode error and is a fairly common occurrence. It’s also very easy to solve if you should ever encounter it.

After every new release of WordPress, there is a temporary .maintenance file created. This file should then be removed after the upgrade is completed. Unfortunately, it isn’t always removed. This usually happens if the update doesn’t finish 100 percent. If the file remains in place, then it will display the maintenance mode error when attempting to access the site.

Resolving the error simply involves deleting the .maintenance file. It should be located in the root directory of the WP file system. With the file gone the error screen will vanish as well.

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Database Connection Error

Another common error will read, “Error establishing a database connection”. This is more closely related to your MYSQL database but is still likely caused by the WordPress configuration file. It often happens when database credentials have been modified with the wrong values.

To solve this, you will need to open the wp-config file and look at the credentials that are listed. If these credentials aren’t accurate, then you’ve found the source of the problem, and it can easily be fixed by changing them to the correct values.

As with all of these problems, there may be other possible causes. If the initial fix does not work, you may need to enable a full debug log and begin to strip away excess elements until you’ve located the source of the problem.

If you are still running into problems and can’t seem to get them resolved on your own, then you may need to get help from someone with experience. Consider giving us a call to help you with this.

The first port of call should be the WordPress support forum. Often, you can get answers to your questions from other users who have encountered the same problem as you. Failing that, contacting your hosting provide can often be helpful. Often, they will correct the issue for you, other times they will give you detailed instructions on how to put it right.

Top Design Tips For WordPress

using images in a web designMost people have a hard time creating a good WordPress design, especially if they don’t have a good web design background. Yes, you might have the best content, but without a good design on your WordPress site, all the attention will be pulled away from your content. Well, here are some useful tips to help you create the best designs for your site.

Creating Great Looking WordPress Websites

Creating A Good Brand Identity

Branding is a good way to secure loyalty and trust from your target audience and existing customers. Your website needs to include a logo, motto or anything that customers can catch on quickly. The best branding efforts are mostly visual, and that’s what you should invest in to get the best results out of your branding campaign.

If you don’t have good graphic design skills yourself, then get a professional designer to create a logo and header image for your website. You don’t need to spend a fortune on this. Often, you can find great designers at very low cost on sites like fiverr.com. Be sure to choose a designer that has a lot of good reviews and

Organised Content

Customers can find whatever they are looking for on your website if it is properly organised. Try to keep the content simple by deciding the most important content to show on your site. Of course, you need to figure out what you’re trying to achieve from your website. Once you have discovered the target, it’s easy to modify the content to fit into your goals. Give your visitors the most valuable and relevant information for the best results.

Take Advantage Of White Space

White space refers to the negative space in your web design that gives your site’s design some breathing room. If you add some space between paragraphs or lines, the content will appear professional, cleaner and more organised. It’s also a good way of creating more focus on your website and allowing customers to get access to more information.

Of course, you don’t want lots of big, open white space areas on your site. Otherwise, it can look unprofessional. The key is to get a balance of nicely spaced content, images and other design aspects that you are working with on your site.

Images And Videos

You need to choose the right photos and videos to match your content. The best visuals should make your site appear much better. Of course, be careful with the copyrights of photos, especially those originating from the search engines and if your site is product based. Certainly, you don’t want to step on anyone’s toes when you’re using photos or videos on your website.

There are free stock images that you can use if they have the right Creative Commons. However, some image licenses will require you to also do certain things like credit the author for the image, link to the location when you obtained the image and so forth. Therefore, always make sure you read the license for the image. However, if you need more professional images, then you should go to a place like shutterstock.com or depositphotos.com and purchase more professional stock images.

Here is some important information about image copyright.


Your web design elements need to be consistent at all times. Try keeping colours, element styles or fonts consistent unless you’re trying to introduce a new element that contradicts with the rest. One advantage of WordPress is that there are unlimited options to choose from. Therefore, once you decide on a specific theme, you can always add more elements that complement it accordingly.

The Best WordPress Themes For Business Websites

WordPress may be one of the most popular blogging platforms that the internet has to offer, but in reality, it’s so much more! Web sites of all kinds are built using WordPress. It’s a very powerful content management system that can easily help establish a rewarding and successful site; especially if you need it to represent your business. Better yet, there are plenty of useful themes available that will help you give your business’ website a truly professional look that’s easy to navigate.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of options, here’s a short list of some of the very best WordPress themes for business websites:

1 – Infinity Pro

Infinity Pro is a go-to choice if you want your visitors to be met with a minimalist yet ultra stylish design. It’s among the most popular themes for e-commerce for a reason! There’s something very modern about the atmosphere this theme grants a site, and that stays fully intact even if you fiddle around with the customization options. You’ll also be given a head start on your landing page, team page, author page, individual blog posts, and so on.

2 – RichCorp

RichCorp is a business-specific WordPress template that keeps the overall look very simple, but very much in line with the feel of many modern corporate sites. The large header being offset by your basic navigation options towards the bottom is about as authentic as you can get. The theme also has WooCommerce integration, and it’s very responsive even when viewed on mobile devices. If you really want your site to carry an air of professionalism, this is a fantastic choice.

If you’d like to know more about WooCommerce then here video explaining the details.

3 – Weston

Weston is notable due to its versatility. It has limitless spaces for widgets, a highly responsive layout, the ability to install video backgrounds and parallax backgrounds alike, several unique header layouts, and so much more. It even gives you over ten different concepts for your homepage.

If you want a theme that gives you all the tools and lets you take the reigns from there, this is among the very best. One thing is sure, with this theme in place, your site is definitely going to be engaging!

4 – Magnetic

Magnetic is all about providing a compact experience. With the need for easy navigation ever on the rise, this is a truly brilliant design. It would suit a website focused on anything from custom made artwork to a used book store and everything in between. The theme itself also gives users plenty of easy customization options, leaving the ultimate feel of the site up to your discretion.

5 – The Advisors

Finally, the Advisors is another strong corporate-focused WordPress theme that would be perfect for any business website. If you’ve purchased the Core theme, you’ll receive this template completely free. The former includes a wide array of pre-built themes tailored to different types of industries, by the way, making the entire package well worth investigating. Big or small, your business is going to come across as very sleek and professional with this theme installed.

Once you have your theme picked out, be sure to also see our post on design tips for your website.

WordPress Web Design Skills

a computerWelcome to our website where we will be bringing you some dynamite content on WordPress web design to help you with you setup and design skills.

You may be getting into blogging or perhaps you are wanting to learn how to set your own website up for your business. You may even feel that you would like to learn web design to do it as a business once you are competent enough. Whatever your reasons for wanting to learn how to use WordPress, our blog will be a useful resource to help you get started.

So many people need a website nowadays, from business owners to simple bloggers who like to write about their musings. WordPress is one of the best content management systems (CMS) to use in our opinion as it is versatile, highly customisable and easy to use once you get the hang of it.

We will be helping you along the way with various tutorials, design lessons and customisation. We will also be reviewing some of the best plugins and also talking about great themes to use for your website to make it look and feel absolutely fantastic and something that  you are truly proud of.

Stay tuned for some great content coming up to help you get started with WordPress in the right way.

We leave you now with this awesome video showing some of the great benefits of using WordPress as your CMS solution.